Monday, August 12, 2019

Input and out put for the computer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Input and out put for the computer - Essay Example Most prevalent input devices are the keyboard and the mouse. Keyboard is similar to the typewriter, it helps in typing in text, numbers, symbols, punctuation, letters etc. Pressing an enter key, sends the information to the processing device. Mouse is a pointing or clicking device that helps in locating and selecting the files at a faster pace. It has three buttons the left button helps in selecting the file or the folder or the icon on the desktop, a right button which when clicked displays the properties related to the file, while the middle is to scroll the page. Other input devices are scanner, light pen, joystick to play games, digital camera etc. The result or the outcome after the processing could be displayed by the output devices. The most prevalent output device is the monitor, it is like a TV screen and also called as VDU (Visual Display Unit). Whatever is typed through the keyboard can be seen on the monitor screen. The results of the input are being displayed on the monitor. This is called the soft copy as we can only read it and store the results. When the computer is switched off, results could not be retrieved therefore hard copy or the printouts are taken by another output device, the printer. Other input/output devices are the Floppy disk, CD-ROM, Pen drives etc. They also act as portable storage devices as they store the information from the computer and also provide the information to the

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