Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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Answer question - Essay ExampleLoving ones self is inherent in more or less people. It is a human tendency to al right smarts look out for oneself and be self-centered in terms of gaining advantages and avoiding negative consequences. However, the bible commands to love ones neighbor as ones self. This means that individuals should look out for each other the way they look out for their own selves. Husbands, should love their wives the way they love their own selves, and even put their welfargon over their own.The New Testament advocates for mutual submission and mutual service among married couples Implying that one is not in a position higher than the other and are equal in all ways. However, conventional gender roles of men and women indicate that men are more superior than women and women should bow to their husbands wishes. Men go out to seek livelihood to sustain the family while women stay home to care for the home and retort service to their husbands and children. In conte mporary times, gender roles are shifting to be more equitable for both genders, as women are now more empowered to assert themselves as capable of doing mens roles and doing even mens jobs. Due to these changes, there is an going battle between keeping traditional roles or adopting more modern gender roles, and in both, it loses the biblical essence of mutual submission and service.Lawler depicts human wedding party as one based on a strong foundation of loyalty, service and obedience to ones spouse and not only based on deep affection for him or her. It goes deeper than mere emotions towards another human being, and goes on to enact the love by serving the other and being steadfastly faithful. One should emulate how Christ loves his church or people, as he not only serves them but has an unwavering faithfulness for them.The New Testament teaches that love in a Christian marriage entails fidelity and faithfulness to each other. It should be exclusive and permanent, therefore, ind issoluble. This implies that

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