Thursday, June 20, 2019

Scaling Study Statistics Project Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Scaling Study - Statistics Project ExampleThis research aims to investigate the consumer attitude towards nomadic advertising and intends to uncover important points.The questionnaire was designed based on the existing literature about attitudes toward advertising and consumer behavior models. A field survey was conducted which used the questionnaire to collect data regarding the attitude, intention and behavior of the respondents toward mobile advertising. The specimen comprised of 10 individuals and they were selected since most of them were young and heavy users of SMS. All participants were provided complete information regarding the purpose of the survey. The questionnaire composed of two types of questions Rating scale and multiple choices.The findings of this research sop up revealed several interesting points. The study did not aim to focus on the demographic information such as gender, age or educational level rather it tried to build an overall consensus of the populatio n. Mobile users viewed entertainment as the most important attribute affecting consumer attitude towards mobile advertising. The average try on score for the entertainment was 3.9 which implies that consumer deem entertainment as an important factor. Informativeness was considered as an average factor with an average score of 3 for the sample. M all individuals consider that mobile advertising provides the information that they require for their decision making. The most interesting finding revealed was that mobile advertising was considered to be very irritating by the sample. However, we cannot infer any conclusion for the population since the sample size was very limited but yet it was conspicuous that mobile advertising was viewed as irritating and annoying by the respondents. In addition to that, it was also found that mobile advertising was not a very credible medium. This can be subjective as to each one of the respondents may have different experiences with the mobile. Fin ally, the attitude toward mobile was not

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