Monday, June 17, 2019

Business Intelligence Dashboards in a Learning Organization Research Proposal

Business Intelligence Dashboards in a Learning Organization - seek Proposal ExampleThe finest of championship decisions are data driven. A learning organization has data coming from all departments, processes and employees. Business password comprises of complex methods to alter organizational data into useful information and then converts this information into knowledge. Based on this knowledge the organization-wide decisions can be made after thorough abstract (Atre, 2011). Thus busdata-drivenligence improves the decision process of an organization. The top learning organizations have a deep-rooted implementation of business intelligence and analytics in their organizational design. Data dig tools such as data marts, data warehouses, dashboards, etc. mine large amounts of data to extract the useful information. These tools are used to improve the efficiency of the business intelligence processes (Nittaya and Kittisak, 2007). 1.1. Business Intelligence Dashboards Performance c ontrol is a vital aspect of organizational management. The efficiency and performance of an organization can only be increased through the cooperation of all its departments. When the organization is small, the management is straight forward and easy. Management becomes complex in large organizations comprising of numerous branches, departments and hundreds of employees. And sometimes these departments may stock-still be located miles apart. Visiting them in person takes time. And if visited, the data becomes out-of-date by the end of the visit. The solution for management of big organizations is business intelligence dashboards which unite the management information for the entire company in one place. Business intelligence dashboard is an effective data visualization tool that uses metrics and the mention performance indicators to flourish the current status of an entire organizations performance against some predefined goals (Atre, 2011). In learning organizations, the cultur e is such that the information is dual-lane and is accessible to all employees alongside the managers and executives. The employees are encouraged to try new ideas and make decisions (Hagen, 2011). So in a learning organization, the requirement of business intelligence penetrates deeper than merely the organizations frontline i.e. the managers and executives (Gonzales, 2013). And therefore business intelligence dashboards can receipts everyone at an organization i.e. the employees too. 1.2. Constructing Usage Specific Dashboard Dashboards do not have the same role in all learning organizations. They can be customized. They can be constructed for specific executive roles e.g. CEO, CIO or they may display metrics targeting specific point of view or a department for the managers or they can give a high level as hearty as a detailed view of the organizations performance based on its data which all the committed employees can gain benefit from. Based on the type of information present ed by dashboards and how they are used, they can be classified into a variety of categories. However, the three most common customs duty types are strategic, operational and tactical.

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